Positpro buoy cushion

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  • Buoy-shaped cushion, comfortably holds and wedges the patient's head in the supine position
  • Material from the latest innovations

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Our PositPro cushions benefit from technigel fibre, which provides unparalleled comfort for the patient.

It exceeds the comfort performance of current polyester fibres, is less heavy and, above all, has a memory effect.

It provides optimal cushioning to relieve pressure points.

They are equipped with the removable Steritex cover, the most resistant polyurethane on the market.

Innovative, breathable and waterproof coating on a bi-elastic knitted base.

Ideal for decontamination in the community and adapted to the most stringent requirements in environments at risk of contamination.

Its resistance to cleaning makes Steritex a product much appreciated by hygiene services.

Washable at 90°C. Resistant to chlorine and autoclave.

Very soft and comfortable to the touch. Underwrapping for the 100% cotton fibre.

Buoy-shaped cushion, holds and wedges the patient's head comfortably in a supine position at 30°C or lateral at 30°.

The use of the cushion helps to relieve and distribute the patient's pressure points and prevent the development of pressure sores during the nursing phase.

Dimensions: 50 x 17 cm