EnPathia Mouse

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Computer access control system

EnPathia is a product that facilitates computer access for people with limited or no mobility in the upper extremities.

It allows the user to work with a computer as easily as with a conventional mouse and keyboard, but without the need to use their hands.


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EnPathia is an adaptive mouse, but it is not only that. It is also an adapted keyboard, an interface to use up to two switches, an application to simulate virtual mouse clicks...

It is also a head mouse, but EnPathia will not force you to use a particular body part. Many people comfortably use their forearms or feet. EnPathia adapts to the way you work, not the other way around.

The minimum requirements for the proper use of EnPathia are :

  • Hard disk capacity: 50 MB of free space.
  • Operating system: Windows, Linux and MACOS
  • Classic monitor.
  • Classic keyboard and mouse, which can be replaced by EnPathia after it has been installed.
  • USB port.

Enpathia Software

Enpathia Windows software
Download (6.76MB)

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