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Secure bed


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Inflatable bed to secure sleep even on the move

How can you protect your child while he or she sleeps and find some respite yourself?

In the hospital as well as at home, disorientation, neurological or behavioral disorders can lead a disabled child to put himself in danger during his sleep. They may fall out of bed, injure themselves in their room, or lose their bearings and not find their way back to bed when they leave.

When your child needs to sleep in a hospital setting:

In the hospital, from their third birthday onwards, children, even those with disabilities, are no longer allowed to sleep in a bed with bars. This is for safety reasons: potential tipping of the bed, arms or feet trapped between the bars

At this stage, the family is offered only one alternative: the junior or standard bed

Unfortunately, the barriers installed are not always sufficient to keep the child in the bed. Consequently, in the case where neurological or behavioral problems could endanger your child, it may be prescribed to use restraint. In fact, body safety in the hospital is THE priority. But what about the mental health of the disabled child?

It is understandable that restraint is a very unwelcome solution: it is the bête noire of families. Because it is, in fact, a traumatic experience for the child and his entourage

Sleeping at home in complete safety

At home, the problem is similar

How to guarantee the safety of your child and to allow yourself real moments of recovery?

It is clear that the fear of a violent shock, of a fall from the bed or on the stairs, paralyzes parents. They often stay awake as long as possible, take turns at night or move into their child's room. Whatever the solution, sleep is of poor quality. Moreover, in the case of a single-parent family, there is no respite and the single parent gets exhausted even faster

Common initiatives for better sleep :

By force of circumstance, one cobbles together solutions to palliate the danger. Very often, the child's mattress is put on the floor. Thus, violent falls are avoided, but the child can still get out of bed. The risk is then to find the child asleep on the floor or in another room with the fear that he/she will catch a cold or hurt himself/herself

Common initiatives for better sleep :

We propose a simple product, but reassuring for the children an inflatable tent bed. The tent is inflated with an air pump and is firmly attached to a standard bed with straps. The nets on all four sides allow free air circulation, as well as optimal visibility inside and outside

The net opens to its fullest extent and can also be closed with a carabiner, to maximize safety.

The child is like in a small Canadian tent and remains free to move

Safe sleep in all circumstances

The tent provides real peace of mind for the family or the nursing staff when the child is in hospital. But it's also a travel-friendly solution because it's very easy to transport thanks to its carry bag and manual pump

It also gives the child a feeling of cocoon, which he needs most of the time

The constraints of the night are lightened. This allows the family to be more rested and available during the day