TELESTIK TS3040 object collector

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  • Consists of a handle with a non-slip surface + 2 telescopic rods.
  • 3 functions : magnet + adhesive surface + hook.
  • Useful for people who have difficulty reaching objects or who have hand deformities.
  • For all : allows you to reach the tightest places.

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What are the advantages of the Telestik multi-functional object collector?

The Telestik can be used to reach into tight spaces and to pick up objects weighing up to 450 g.

It consists of a handle with a non-slip surface which is extended by two telescopic rods.

These stainless steel rods are similar to the old car radio or TV antennas, i.e. they can be stored in the handle or extended to 76 cm.

One of the two rods ends in a magnet.

The other rod ends in an adhesive surface (silicone based) with a removable cover.

This surface wears out and can be washed 200 times to regain its functionality. Can be changed if necessary.

If you suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other condition that limits the use of your hands and you find it difficult to use a traditional pick-up, the TeleStik is your solution.

For those tight spots, such as behind the desk where you can't use a claw, the Telestik will pick up your phone or computer cable for example.

Keep the Telestik handy on your desk or in your travel bag.

Caractéristiques techniques du Telestik:

Telescopic rods: stainless steel.

Magnet: 1.4 cm.

Renewable encapsulated adhesive material; 3.2 cm, and designed for 200 washes and replaceable.

Unfolding aid lever on each telescopic rod.

Ultra light: weight: 65 g.

Telescopic from 18 cm to 90 cm.


Option : STRAP3040 Dragone

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