Adapted star projector

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Adapted star projector


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Colourful star-shaped lamp that projects a rotating starscape onto the ceiling. Press the button and the flashing LEDs inside the lamp light up, illuminating the star patterns on the side of the lamp while projecting their colours upwards through the prism at the top of the projector. As the lights shine, the body of the lamp slowly rotates, causing the colourful starscape projected above to spin. This is a great mood piece that puts on a soothing light show in any room.

    Colourful star lamp
    Projects a starscape on the ceiling
    Twinkling stars appear illuminated on the sides
    Turns slowly as it glows
    Requires 3 AA batteries
    14.5cm high

Please note that this item is suitable for use with a variety of accessible contactors, but is not supplied with a contactor, as different children will have individual requirements as to the best contactor to use for them. We have a range of suitable contactors which can be found in the contactors category of our online shop.

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