Easy-sitting chair

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Easy Sitting incorporates a unique "turn and slide" system. This technology allows easy access to the chair and allows you to get to the edge of the table or desk without moving your chair.

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Easy Sitting incorporates a unique "turn and slide" system. Users can access their chair and approach the edge of the table or desk without moving their chair

Its use

Simply rotate the chair to accommodate its users. It then slowly rotates to face the table and gently slides forward to the desired position. Easy Sitting can slide backwards to leave the table and can also swivel from left to right up to 360°. Its lever on the side allows you to lock and unlock the rotation and sliding

This is very convenient, as users can sit without assistance!

The Easy Sitting chair gives people greater independence. The chair is safe, has no wheels, is very stable and supports up to 130 kg. In addition, the legs are adjustable in height allowing a better sitting.

Available in 4 colors

  • Carbon Grey / Red ;
  • Lilac / Blue ;
  • Taupe Grey / Black ;
  • Black / Grey.


As an option, it is possible to choose the transport wheels. This option allows the chair to be moved effortlessly, especially for cleaning or storing the chair without the user. It does not roll in the normal operating position.

The incredible Easy Sitting chair is the only chair of its kind in the WORLD!


  • PVC Covering;
  • Fire resistance class M2 ;
  • Ecological;
  • Anti-bacterial;
  • Hypoallergenic ;
  • Waterproof;
  • Epoxy paint tubes
  • Washable ;
  • Disinfectant ;
  • Other finishes are available upon request.

Overall dimensions :

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  • List item #2
  • List item #3

Overall dimensions

- Overall height: 950 mm

- Overall width: 620 mm

- Overall depth: 580 mm

- Height of armrests (in lowest position) 59 cm

- Useful height between armrests: 520 mm

- Seat: 420 x 460 x 35 mm

- Backrest: 460 x 400 x 25 mm

- Seat translation: 160 mm

Technical description

- Welded steel frame (tube ⌀ 25 x 1.2 mm) - epoxy finish

- Polyurethane armrests

- Luxury upholstery (classified M2 for the gray color) - thick seat - large backrest

- Seat height : from 42 to 55 cm

- Front seat displacement from 0 to 160 mm (3 adjustments)

- 360° swivel and 4 positions can be locked (front - back - right - left)

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