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DOMODEP has developed a unique system allowing a simplified installation, without programming and controlled by an infrared remote control.

The DomoBox (central unit) is an infrared automaton that can control all types of equipment such as :

  • Nurse call.
  • Lift call (optional).
  • Lighting. 
  • Electrical socket.
  • Opening/closing of doors and windows.
  • Opening/closing of roller shutters.
  • All electrical control systems.

D-Extender, a module allowing you to increase the infrared links according to your project and your needs.

D-Extender VR, specialised module for roller shutter control.

The DomoBox is suitable for all institutional or private environments.

The installation is fast, simple and without specific programming thanks to its Plug & Play system.

It includes :

  • 4 dry outputs NO/NF-12A / 250 Vac.
  • Infrared cell for flush mounting.
  • Can be integrated in all DIN standard panels.
  • Selection of the outputs in momentary or maintained control.

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