DomoPad'Com Connect

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Alternative communication and environmental control tablet that allows you to create dynamic, interactive and attractive communication grids. It can be used with a mouse, touch screen, keyboard, switches, joystick, enPathia, eye control, making it one of the most accessible and easy to use communication media.


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Interactive whiteboards 

Create communication grids quickly or by using what others have shared. Give each cell the image and behaviour you want. You can make a cell and say a message with the voice you choose, represent it with symbols, text or a combination of both, or create complete sentences.


Everyone can use DomoPad'Com Verbo, regardless of their degree of mobility or cognitive level. To accommodate everyone, DomoPad'com Verbo supports access via virtually any access system, adaptation and scanning methods. You can use it to create grids with hundreds of different expressions, or simple grids that help present the alphabet.

Really easy to use

DomoPad'com has been designed to make creating and accessing grids easier than ever. With a simplified interface that displays only the most relevant options, creating a cell that says a message or allows access to another grid is a matter of a few clicks.

Environmental control

DomoPad'com Connect is equipped with an infrared and radio transmitter that allows you to control infrared devices such as TVs, but also our radio receivers such as controlled sockets, alarm sockets, roller shutter controls, motorised door opening, lighting, fixed telephone, medical bed, etc..

More than 55 000 SYMBOLS 

DomoPad'com Verbo includes symbols from the SymbolStix®, Bliss and ARASA library with more than 24,000 symbols and 54,000 words, so there will be no concept, place, object, expression or feeling that you can't express. Of course, you can also use your own images and photos.  

Each DomoPad'com includes a high quality voice synthesised from Voxygen®. You can choose the language and gender, and if you want you can complete your system later with additional voices.

DomoPad'Com is a 10" tablet protected by a hard shell which allows it to be used anywhere without the risk of breakage due to falls, and also to keep it clean and scratch-free

To find out more about DomoPad'Com visit our dedicated website DOMOPAD'COM

Keyboard included

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