Breeze Flexible Blast Switch

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A small suction or blow like a traditional contactor, our breath contactors can be used to access all kinds of contactor activated devices: alternative communication devices, computers, tablets, mobile phones, environmental control systems and other devices designed for contactor scanning.

If you can use a drinking straw, you can use our breath contactor.

There are several elements to consider for a "breath contactor and suction" solution. Firstly, the user interface. We offer two standard options for mouthpiece positioning, a headset and a hose with a universal clip. However, you may wish to attach the mouthpiece to another device already positioned next to the user. In this case, we have an additional tube for a custom interface. Our multi-user headset has a disposable mouthpiece and an easily replaceable filter assembly. This sanitary solution is perfect for assessment centres and situations where several people will be using the same breath contactor. Our flexible stem interface also includes disposable, filtering mouthpieces

Breeze contacteur souffle asiration casque

Breeze Suction/Breath is an advanced USB "Suction/Breath" switch in an extremely compact package. It connects directly to standard USB ports on computers, laptops and AAC devices and provides hardware emulation of mouse buttons or joystick functions.

Strong, lightweight and versatile, the gooseneck has a universal mount that attaches securely to table tops, beds and wheelchairs. The flexible steel gooseneck and ball-and-socket mount allow the mouthpiece to be positioned easily and securely. The filter mouthpiece is replaceable and a slim, flexible connection tube connects the mouthpiece to the Breeze switch with a simple swivel joint.

The Breeze suction/blower switch with gooseneck includes :

    Breeze contactor with in-line filter

    Gooseneck with universal mount

    1.8 metre tube with twisted connectors

    Four (4) filter tips


    One year limited warranty

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