Jazz Joystick

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The JAZZ Joystick is a compact desktop joystick that does not require fine motor skills and allows both cursor control and switch scanning.


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The JAZZ joystick is a compact desktop joystick, specifically designed to allow users who lack fine motor skills to easily control the cursor and switches. It is designed to respond to coarse movements while allowing fine cursor positioning and precise scanning of the switches.

Compatible Ipad

This is done using our well-known analogue joystick, which requires very low actuation forces (0.5N), and not a contactor joystick, which usually requires high actuation forces.

The JAZZ is also very discreet, offering a natural hand rest for comfortable use, and will work with all types of USB compatible computers. No drivers need to be loaded on the computer.

There are four speed settings and the central button gives the user access to a 'drag' function, which allows the left click to be engaged for an extended period of time, for example to move an icon on the screen. In addition, the device is equipped with a suitable contactor via two 3.5 mm sockets. The left socket replicates the function of the left button, and the right socket allows quick switching between mouse and switch scanning modes.

Three buttons are supplied with the Joystick for greater flexibility:

Acorn button for general use
T-Bar button for users who need to grip the control lever
Large diameter foam ball for users who need to push the lever to achieve cursor movement. Also allows the lever to be moved using the wrist or forearm, for example.


Unique option to use for contactor scanning
Ability to easily switch from mouse scan mode to contactor scan mode (by the user or during setup).
Four cursor speed settings (with audible alert).
Double-click option
Left-handed option
Buzzer can be turned off if not needed
Low profile provides a natural hand rest for comfortable operation.
Left/right buttons and slide lock.
Socket to operate the left button
Easy installation, plug and play, no driver software required
Robust construction and ergonomic design.
Slight joystick movement (0.5 Newton).

Used for

Computer access
iPad access - with adapter
Tablet access - Android (with adapter required, depending on tablet model)

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