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DomoPad Irisbond HIRU Pack

DomoPad Irisbond HIRU Pack

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The DomoPad Pro AAC pack:

The Microsoft Surface Pro tablet

The Irisbond Hiru eye control in its robust Oskol case

A rugged and portable mounting solution with great handling

The Surface Pro's design achieves optimal performance to give you the power of a high-end laptop, a powerful tablet or portable digital media designed to bring out the best in Windows 11

Hiru next-generation eye control

New eye-tracker hardware features make the UX easier and unique. Because our new eye-tracker includes intelligent power mode and on-chip technology for smarter performance. And the new camera and optics bring better accuracy and longer battery life.

Alternative communication software for everyone

Verbo is an app for Windows and Android to create communication boards and educational activities quickly and intuitively. Combine pictograms, text, sounds and voice to design your ideal communicator, or take advantage of resources that other users have shared . There are hundreds of charts and activities that you can use freely.

Reliable support and very easy to use.

Simplified adjustment to position the Domopad tablet in the best possible way

Easy to transport and store

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